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wellness counseling

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Is something holding you back from feeling great and living a life you want?

Wellness counseling sessions are a sounding board for you to get clear about where you’d like to feel better or be more effective in your life. 

From there, we outline the steps you want to take and identify the tools you need to get there. 

I will partner with you, cheer you on, and help you develop your personal resources.  

  • consult and questions - 20 minutes, FREE

  • individual counseling session - $65.00

  • 3 session package - $200.

            -  includes 3 individual session             

            -  email follow-up between sessions

Just a few of life's sticky spots that counseling can address:

lowering stress + overwhelm

habit change (for health and wellbeing)

getting better sleep

better balance or flexibility

getting unstuck when lost or unmotivated

decrease physical discomfort in the body




-      options for in-person or virtual

-      60 minutes/session

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