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 Stillness, goodness, movement, connection, awareness, nurturing and nourishment 
woven into the minutes and hours of a day
makes the fabric of a well and happy life.

 - Kimberly McClure 

About Kimberly 

Always evolving...on the mat, on the stage, and in the world.

Kimberly is a yoga teacher and a Self-care coach.

Kimberly teaches to help others feel more resourced,  steady, empowered, and uplifted as they move though real, everyday life. During a challenging time in her early adult life, she turned to her mat as a refuge - and discovered how powerful the practices of yoga and mindfulness in navigating personal challenge and even crisis.  Kimberly's style is warm, welcoming and engaging.  In her yoga classes she encourages students to move with intention and integrity, to stay engaged and present in the experience, and to find a level of challenge from which to grow.


Pre-covid Kimberly worked in-person at studios, centers, and homes and beaches in Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  Now her studio has moved online where she is works with students and clients focusing on integrating the practices and principals of yoga into body, mind, relationships and life.  When the world opens back up again, Kimberly looks forward to again opening her home ,near the beach in Middletown, RI  to small groups for retreats, workshops and yoga overnights in the beautiful Newport RI area!

Kimberly is an RYT-200 with an extensive background in the fields of education, theater and the arts.  Initially trained with Andrew Tanner, Elements3 Yoga, she has since completed apprenticeship with beloved Massachusetts teacher Jacqui Bonwell, and is certified in Subtle® Yoga with Kristine Kaoverii Weber and The Daya Foundation's Trauma Informed Brain Sensitve Yoga. 

Her teaching is trauma - sensitive and accessible. 

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online group classes,
YOGA for self-care

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Kimberly is working with clients individually online and in-person.  


"Each person’s life is like a mandala – a vast, limitless circle. We stand in the center of our own circle, and everything we see, hear and think forms the mandala of our life." 

-Pema Chodron


Mandala Self-care


We experience our lives on many levels:

  • from the physical experience of our body,

  • in our thoughts and mind,

  • through our energy and emotions,

  • and within the context of our relationships.

If we live and experience life in this multi-level-layerd way, it makes sense that we could enhance our self-care by learning to take care of ourselves on all of these same levels - our self-care could become more whole, more integrated and more powerful.  This integrated model of self-care would significantly impact our ability to feel well and happy. 


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Mandala Self-Care

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